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We Cut – supplying custom requirements
We Create – turning designs into reality


Materials from a broad spectrum of both modern and traditional are selected, coupled with  
the most relevant method of processing for the application - to deliver on the client brief.
Explore a variety of options below...

  • Reinforced Composites

  • Polyurethanes

  • Polystyrene

  • Insulation, Foam, Board

  • Bespoke

Reinforced Composites

Components, displays and structures produced using Reinforced Composite materials are inherently durable, rigid and weather resistant, with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Often referred to as fibreglass, GRP or glassfibre, strength and additional properties such as chemical resistance and fire-retardancy can be tailored to suit the application. Additional fixings, inserts and armatures can also be incorporated into the lamination. Compound curvatures which are often not economically possible with other material options can be simply accommodated and the smooth, seamless finish is perfect for ease of cleaning and applications requiring a high level of hygiene.

We process reinforced composites in various ways, depending on the application and required properties. Moulding and production - Contact moulding known as hand lay-up is especially useful for mouldmaking. Casts and smaller production runs or complex shapes. Light-RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) is a closed mould process which is another great option for increased production quantities or maintaining a smooth surface on all sides. Casting – applicable for specialised or bespoke use-cases, or the addition of selected powders and fillers. Spraying - Machine spray-depositing is great for larger sized products.



Polyurethanes (PU) are an incredibly versatile chemical family. Produced by a bi-chemical reaction, the resultant product can be rigid, flexible, hard or soft. Densities can be varied to produce tough abrasion resistant surfaces right through to a foamed cell structure for insulation or buoyancy purposes.

We process PU foams and elastomers in various ways - spray, dispense and cast. Spraying – externally to give a surface coating to many substrates, or to add a layer of insulation. Tough, spray-applied Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings are both flexible and extremely durable. Touch dry within seconds, the coating can be hard, flexible or foamed for different applications to a variety of thicknesses – or even produced as a hybrid, combining differing properties. Spraying – internally, directly into a mould for rigid, semi-rigid or foamed products. Casting – our processing machines dispense into appropriate moulds a wide variety of selected rigid or flexible systems, elastomers and foams. Applicable to a huge range of products and industry sectors.

AdobeStock_134888435 polyurethane spraying


Polystyrene is produced as either expanded EPS, or into an extruded form as XPS often called Styrofoam. EPS is the visibly beaded form, whereas XPS has a much tighter structure. Extremely versatile and available in a range of densities, both types enjoy a great range of properties such as insulating, low weight, water-resistance and a high compressive strength. Polystyrene is used extensively in construction and industry, packaging, in marine applications, for scenery sets, large sculpture and promotional displays.

Cutting and Profiling – large blocks cut to exact shapes and sizes, or into large or complicated profiles on our CNC-controlled hotwire cutting machines. Bonding onto other substrates for hybrid properties. Coating to add a hard, flexible or paintable surface layer. Shaping by hotwire or by hand for more creative requirements. Bespoke effects such as the application of simulated concrete, glitter or fake snow.


Insulation, Foam, Board

A large range of materials sit in this category and we can only touch on some of them here. Rigid polyurethane PUR and PIR block and slab, closed cell foam, rigid mineral wool or foam board, phenolics, foamglass, cork, composite sheet and plastic for multiple applications, PU or epoxy model board used in prototyping and industry.

Cutting, Profiling and Shaping using our CNC-controlled cutting equipment for accurate and efficient smoothing, shaping and production of parts. Large blocks and thick slabs can be readily cut. Further processes such as Fabricating to form structures and 3D shapes or combining as sandwich construction with additional material types. And Bonding into composite panels for facing, insulation, or rapid on-site assembly.



To add-value, enhance and impress. Finishing to complete the effect.

The diversity of effect that can be achieved is almost endless. Spraying paint finishes, incorporating metal effects, fabricating additional metal or wooden structures for stability or onsite attachment, surface blasting, finishing or applying materials - whether random or upcycled, interesting or unusual, glitter to artificial grasses, simulated concrete to imitation snow.



Beginning with the end in mind and mixing in our skill, expertise, care and
creativity - our workshops are buzzing to ensure your needs are met


We spray Polyurethane Foams and Elastomers, Fibreglass, Paints and Coatings


We mould using Glassfibre, Silicone Rubbers and Polyurethanes


We cast Elastomers, Polyurethanes, Plasters and Resins

Cutting & Profiling

We cut, shape and carve a wide range of Block, Slab and Board materials


We fabricate and bond using Steel, Wood and Board for structural and decorative applications


We finish using post-applied Coatings and Materials for bespoke requirements and effects


Storage & Logistics

Along with the procurement, it's just as important goods are moved to store, to site, to facility for when you need it.  Single consignments direct to your door, or multiple shipments delivered onsite to a schedule, are taken care of.

Packing, palletizing, warehousing, batch shipments, export packing, outgoing transportation – we handle it. Working with dedicated couriers and hauliers, and facilitating client-arranged collections.



We understand the practicalities of projects which may require ongoing collaboration during development, or need viewing as work progresses. Whether by you, your team, the project stakeholders, or your client.

From it’s spacious, centrally located facility with the scope for many aspects to be handled in-house, Perudo is ideal to meet this need.

Typical Applications


Insulation, civils and temporary works. 

Void-fill and mould formers. 

Floors, walls and roofing.

Display & Branding

Brand promotion, props,

Advertising, displays,

Retail, exhibitions and events.


Bespoke protection, dunnage,

Infills and insulation. 

Store and transportation.


Interiors and exteriors,

Outsize pieces and props,

Play parks, theatre and film.


Bespoke mouldings, components,

Insulation, housings,

Castings, buoyancy.


Workshop In Action

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Whether you need collaboration on a whole project or just a single element within it, we’re flexible enough to meet your needs and timescales, take ideas and concepts, and translate them into reality.  It's all about Facilitating Innovation.