Perudo Realisations.

Facilitating Production and Innovation by the creative realisation of Parts, Products and Promotional Displays.

Specialising in custom-made supplies to construction,
industrial, commercial and display sectors

Utilising in-house manufacturing processes and a wide spectrum of materials Perudo Realisations take client specifications and turn them into reality.


  • Polystyrene EPS/XPS
  • Insulation Board. Modelboard
  • Resin Composites. Fibreglass
  • Stone Wool. Mineral Wool
  • Foams. Polyurethanes


  • CNC Cutting
  • Polystyrene Shaping. Profiling
  • Polyurethane Processing
  • Fibreglass Moulding
  • Spraying. Casting. Finishing

How we facilitate.

CNC Cutting

CNC Cutting


Ranging from insulation board in roofing applications for the construction sector, right across the spectrum to polystyrene spacers in dunnage and transit packaging, Perudo Realisations accurately cuts and shapes materials to the designs and profiles which meet the brief.

Tapered panels, cost-effective displays, bonded parts, void filling, concrete former inserts …the applications are many and the production and design challenges faced by clients can be significant. The output has to meet the need. Bespoke. That's a given.

Perudo Realisations combines technical ability, modern cutting machinery and practical experience, delivering a fast and reliable turnaround across many market sectors.

Bespoke Manufacture


Seasonal window displays from the retail space may not look much like silicone mouldings used by the fish farming sector, but we understand the connection. Made to spec, not constrained to specify from off-the-shelf product.

Our role in the wheel of innovation is custom-made products, realising the concepts, delivering on the brief. Enabling that point of difference, giving clients the edge and allowing creativity the scope it deserves.

Trusted, collaborative and adaptable. Drawing from a wealth of experience and a broad range of in-house facilities, Perudo Realisations has been satisfying the needs of client brands for over 40 years. It's all about facilitating innovation.

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The power of bespoke.


Quality custom-made products for Designers and Procurement Specifiers

Great results start in your imagination.  You know the What, When and Why of the brief, the challenge, the concept, the site, the manufacturing constraint or the design idea.  Now you need to work out the Where and the How.  That's when Perudo Realisations get involved...

Working within the parameters of the What, When and Why, and adding in a mix of our unique experience, a flexible, innovative approach and the How - our mission is lifting constraints to bring concepts to fruition. 

Facilitating Innovation.  That's what inspires us.  That's the Perudo Why.

"BESPOKE".     Adjective:  anything commissioned to a particular specification.
                       Synonyms:  custom-made; made to order; made to measure; handmade; produced to customer’s specifications and preferences; adapted for a specific user or purpose; customized.

A bit of history.

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Perudo Realisations

A family run company since 1977.

We’ve been taking design concepts and bringing them into reality for over forty years.
The great work continues to flow out and delight a wide range of clients, including some of the best-known brands in the world.

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