Nina Saunders – Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

Interactive sculpture provides fun at museum

Danish artist Nina Saunders, is known for creating thought-provoking sculptures that are both surprising and quirky. Her ‘melting theme’ work is especially engaging, and was chosen for the outdoor playground at Copenhagen’s State Museum for Modern Art.

We were delighted to have the opportunity once again to assist this renowned artist to achieve her creative vision. Nina designed the concept to be in the shape of an eye-catching red sofa – in flowing style, so characteristic of her work. This interactive sculpture is enjoyed by young visitors as a fun and unusual slide. It was moulded from her original foam sculpture, in self-coloured fire-retardant fibreglass and other small pieces including animals and birds, were reproduced in the same way.

We are privileged to be selected to work along with Nina in the moulding and reproduction of fascinating forms, created in her distinctive style.