Our large workshop is set in an acre of land in the North Cambridgeshire countryside and provides the scope to realise the ideas of creative minds from all over the world.

Spectacular results start in your imagination. If things don’t yet exist and cannot be bought straight off the shelf, that’s when Perudo starts buzzing. Whether one off, roll out or production…. we take your creative brief – discuss, liaise, develop – and turn it into reality.

As you can see from our portfolio, working across a wide spectrum of materials and processes both modern and traditional, there isn’t much we can’t achieve.
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What & How

Some projects require the use of traditional processes and materials and we have a wide selection on hand. Creativity isn’t limited by precedent. Sometimes we have to be inventive to achieve the end result you need.

Glance down our core specialisms below, but remember, in our world there is no limit to the resource that fuels desires to reach out to ‘wow’. 

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 CNC Block, Foam and Sheet Cutting

Blocks of expanded or extruded polystyrene, foams, board and insulation materials are transformed into all manner of 3D shapes, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, by our range of CNC wire cutting and shaping equipment.

Great for construction, concrete void-formers,  signage, letters & logos, seasonal decorations, 3D models and scenery, packaging elements, architectural shapes, prototypes & sculpture.

Value-adding operations also come into play, applying glitter, colour, faux snow, hard-coating, finishes...the list goes on.   

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Reinforced Composites

Our heritage is grounded in reinforced composites – often termed fibreglass, glassfibre, or GRP – which is where our journey began.

Composites are a matrix of selected glass, carbon or other fibres impregnated with thermosetting polyester or epoxy resins.

The resulting composite has excellent strength-to-weight ratios, is durable, economical, can be joined or selectively reinforced, and can replicate compound complex shapes not possible with many other materials.  

We process reinforced composites either by contact moulding (hand lay-up), which is specially useful for small production runs or complex shapes; machine spray-depositing for larger sized products; or light-RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) for greater production quantities.

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 Polyurethane Processing 

Polyurethanes [PU] are a large & adaptable chemical family. Our processing machines can dispense a wide variety of selected rigid or flexible systems, elastomers and foams – applicable to many many products and industry sectors.

We also have the capacity to utilise heated mould tooling, vacuum-casting or centrifugal-casting techniques & our specialised PU Rotational Moulding facility.

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Mould-makingMouldmaking silicone rubber Alsatian dog

Often, an integral part of the project is the manufacture of suitable mould tooling.

Our clients have the assurance that our reinforced composite or silicone rubber moulds can comfortably handle complexities of design, application and varying production requirements.

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Spray-Applied Instant Hard-Coating & Foams

Tough, spray-applied Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings are both flexible and extremely durable. Touch dry within seconds, they instantly add a protective coating onto EPS polystyrene, foams and more.

Our machines have the ability to spray both Hard, Flexible or Foamed  Coatings for different applications to a variety of thicknesses - or even a combination of material spec.

Typical Applications include: Theming, Experiential, Retail Display, Industrial 

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perudo-manufacturing-spraypainting-2Spray Painting 

From our large purpose built spray booth we regularly apply all manner of commercial paint systems.

The pre-preparation work of degreasing, dry-shot or wet-soda blasting, masking and surface preparation  are often all part of the process. 

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Resin & Sculpture Casting 


Vacuum, pressure, centrifugal casting, encapsulation… all techniques we can use within this field to suit the application.

Sculpture casting is the specialism mainly used for the reproduction of pieces for art, interiors and landscapes. 

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Finishes and Effects perudo-manufacturing-finishes-effects

With attention to detail and a “can-do” attitude from our focused team, applying a bespoke finishpaint, patination, distressing, bronze and cold-cast metal, glitter, metallic and pearlescent, liquid chrome, snow, rust, concrete – it’s all part of the Perudo package.

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Metal Fabricationperudo-manufacturing-welding

Projects often involve bespoke fabrication, metal cutting and welding in mild steel – sometimes in an off-the-cuff, adhoc fashion as the project develops, sometimes to drawings.

Either way, our skilled staff relish the commission to produce structures, armatures, sculptures and more.

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CNC Routering perudo-manufacturing-cnc-routering

Our robust CNC overhead router performs both simple and complex routing, engraving and profile cutting operations from most rigid flat sheet materials, to as large as 2500 x 1250mm.

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Detailing & Assembly

Often, our clients need products which simply do not fit into any particular category – and may never have been seen before! 

We have worked with such diverse materials as...tree bark, snow sparkle, ribbons, topiary, beer bottle tops, straw, tissue paper, plastic spheres, tarred rope, artificial grass and foliage, simulated concrete. 

Not to mention rusty ironmongery, teddy bears, nylon wire, vintage telephones, upcycled buttons, old tin cans, gold leaf, baler twine, or tyres… whatever next?!  Creatively stirred into our alchemists pot.

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We work with timber and sheet material – sometimes in our pattern and mould-making area, other times where wood is an integral part of the concept.

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 Plastic & Sheet Fabrication

The vacuum forming facility is great for prototyping & development work as well as production items, moulding shapes from a variety of thermoplastics.

Assembly and fabrication work is a natural complement to both this and the CNC router – turning 2D sheet material of all types into bespoke 3D products.

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Logistics Managementperudo-manufacturing-logistics

Not only do we make stuff, but it also needs to get from A to B. On time, in pristine condition.

Quality control, wrapping, labelling, carton packing, palletizing, batch shipments, export packing, outgoing transportation – we handle it.

Working with dedicated couriers, national hauliers and on-site install teams is frequently all part of the service. 

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Reinforced composites (GRP)
Polyester & epoxy resins
Polyurethane (PU)
Rigid, semi-rigid & flexible elastomers
Rigid & flexible foams

Silicone rubbers
Acrylic gypsum & plasters
Plastic sheet
Aluminium composite sheet


Wood & timber
Cold-cast metal
Paint systems
Core materials