Perudo Status Update - refreshed daily

As you are acutely aware, we are all facing exceptional circumstances.   The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting massively on individuals, on families, on businesses, on economies, on countries, on the globe.

Restrictions and home-working have been implemented as well as strict measures within our daily operations and we are doing what's within our power to ensure the welfare of our staff, clients, service providers and suppliers.  In short - of all those who play such a valued part in bringing us to where we are today. 

Perudo Realisations risk-assess the situation daily and are currently able to remain operational. 

It's all too clear that this is subject to change at any time as this situation plays out.  We greatly appreciate all that's being implemented by our Government to manage the situation and for the work, time and care of so many in battling this unprecedented disease.   Click here for the latest updates on

We are deeply sympathetic with all who are particularly impacted by the Virus at this time and would like to assure you that if there is any way in which we can help, our Team will do all they can to assist.

 If you have any queries or are looking for help with a project, simply click here or email to and our Team will be straight back in touch.   

Alternatively, call in on 01778 560056 - but please note that with more limited landline access currently due to home-working, your best first points of contact are email or clicking here. 

Let us all do our utmost to stay positive, keep a forward-looking mindset and to make the best possible use of this time of trial.